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Dru Christine Fabrics & Design
(Located inside Lake Affect Studios)
1615 East 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Dru Christine Fabrics & Design is a studio and boutique for the designers custom clientele of men, women and children. In addition, the boutique carries a line of hard to find vintage and contemporary fabrics and a line of rare, unique buttons.  Dru Christine Fabrics and design also houses current, ready to wear pieces from the designer as well as accessory lines from locals designers and artisans.
"What makes Dru Christine Fabrics and Design different than other designer studios is that I can offer the client an overall experience when they enter my store — from sketching the actual design to the client being able to select fabrics and even buttons — all while being a part of the design process. Taking things a step further, clients often complete their finished look with some of the accessories I offer in the store – a true custom design experience! Entering my store is like entering my home; I make your visit comfortable, inviting and eager to return.  There are no ‘short visits’ here; most people tend to stay awhile."
Dru Thompson, Owner/Designer
"The Makers",